Why Us?

We rock, that’s why! We also are good to our mothers and they love us. Not good enough for you? OK, we help busy people make good buying decisions. At Rating the Best we do the research for you and provide ratings to help you make the best purchase. Rating the Best is built for people who don’t want to spend hours researching products. We want to free up people to spend quality time with family (Your mother will love you too!) and friends, to follow their passions or to work on their own businesses or careers.

Expert Raters

We have a team of Expert Raters who rate products in their area of expertise. They scour through reports, reviews, and tests and incorporate personal experience to create our ratings. Our Expert Raters are awesome and are the backbone of Rating the Best.

Simply the Best, Rated for You

Our motto is “Simply the Best, Rated for You” and we keep it in mind with everything we do. We know that you are busy so we keep it brief. We strive to keep the info simple and straightforward enabling you to quickly make a decision, so you can move on with your busy life.

We are a US-based company and firmly believe in capitalism. When you click through on a product and make a purchase we make an affiliate commission. We are motivated to provide the best ratings possible because we want you to tell your friends and family about us. We want you happy and we want you back. We also want to keep our mother’s love, don’t you know!


Are all the ratings 100% unbiased? 100% and perfection are not possible in the human world. We tried using robots but the Christmas Party was sooooo boring! Our Expert Raters are diligent and passionate about maintaining the integrity of our ratings. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we do promise to try our “Best”, pun intended, to give you ratings that you can trust.

Not for everybody

As you can probably tell, at Rating the Best we feel life is too short to stay all serious. We like to have fun and will sprinkle a little humor throughout our ratings. If you have time to do the research and like that process, then get down with your bad self. If not, we’ve got your back!